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Atlanta Skylights – Leaky Skylight Repairs

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Do you have a skylight that is leaking in your home? A leaky skylight is typically an indication of hidden damage. If you notice a leak around your skylight, you’ll want to diagnose it immediately and have skylight repairs performed as soon as possible.

Diagnosing Skylight Leaks

The first step in any skylight repair is to identify the source of the leak with a thorough inspection. You’ll want to make sure the leak is not just excessive condensation that has moved along the underside of the glass and dripped down the side of the interior. This occurs more often in single-glazed skylights, and in damp locations like bathrooms, kitchens and greenhouses.

If your skylight opens, check that it is fully closed, and that the weather seals are in good condition. Another cause of skylight leaks can occur when there is blockage on your roof—it could be caused by leaves, ice, snow or other debris that might be blocking the downhill flow of water and causing it to back up under the roof shingles.

Leaky Skylight Repair Tips

Leaks at the insulated-glass frame may have permitted water to enter the window structure, forcing apart and damaging the seal of the insulated glass itself. If it’s determined that the insulating glass unit of the skylight has failed, you may be able to re-seal the unit against further water leakage. However, only a replacement of the skylight will remove the condensation and opaque skylight glass of a failed window unit.

Leaky Skylight Repair Services in Atlanta, Georgia

We provide skylight leak repairs, glass replacement, and sealing services for the North Atlanta area. If you have a leaky skylight and are interested in having it repaired then you have come to the right place. We can help out with all of your leaky skylight repair needs with licensed professionals at a reasonable price. Contact us today about all of your skylight repair needs and we will be happy to assist.


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