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Commercial Skylight Installation in Atlanta, GA

Commercial Skylight Installation for Businesses | Atlanta Skylights

Interested in commercial skylights for your property? Atlanta Skylights offers skylight installation and repair for your commercial property. A commercial skylight installation will flood your building with natural light and allow you to save money on costly energy bills, while also diminishing glare and enhancing the overall architectural design of your business.

Cut Energy Consumption with Commercial Skylights

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, on average lighting accounts for 20% of energy consumption in commercial buildings and closer to 40% in office buildings. You can reduce lighting energy costs between 50% and 80% depending on the type of commercial skylight you choose to install. This lighting energy cost calculation will depend on the approximate building area that can be lit with skylights, the hours of operation of the commercial property, and the number of hours that the skylight will be utilized. Our economical and aesthetically-pleasing commercial skylights will provide you with daylighting options to keep your utility costs low and your visual appeal high.

Benefits of a Commercial Skylight Installation

A commercial skylight installation offers many benefits, such as higher levels of employee productivity, increased customer returns and an overall boost in employee morale and workforce satisfaction. Copious case studies have been conducted that show significant improvements in employee performance where natural lighting has been introduced into their work environment. Skylights help balance the light in the room by reducing glare and allowing sunshine to enter the space and give everyone a much needed dose of Vitamin D. Adding natural light to the workplace can not only bring new life to a room, but also improve health and happiness as well.

Installing commercial skylights will reduce the amount of energy your building consumes, in terms of both electric lighting and HVAC costs. This reduction in energy use translates into immediate and long-term cost savings for you.

A well-placed skylight or two can make a huge difference in your commercial property. Here are some of the benefits of a commercial skylight installation...

  • Energy efficiency
  • Lower utility costs
  • Solar energy is an unlimited resource.
  • Solar energy does not produce harmful emissions or require transportation or pipelines like electric energy does.
  • Daylight provides better aesthetics, better color, better definition of space, and highlights architectural details.
  • Natural lighting can naturally lessen the production of harmful organisms. Sunlight is considered to be one of the best natural disinfectants.
  • Ample amounts of sunlight can prevent vitamin D and B1 deficiencies that may cause diseases such as rickets and beriberi.
  • Many case studies have been conducted that show significant improvements in employee performance where natural lighting has been introduced
  • Natural sunlight is a free and available mood enhancer. It encourages us to produce vitamin D and protects us from seasonal mood changes.
  • Sunlight can help to lower blood pressure, which can lead to reduced stress and a variety of other health benefits.

Customizable Commercial Skylights

Atlanta Skylights offers customizable skylight designs, styles and sizes tailored to fit the needs of your commercial property. Contact us to learn more about our commercial skylights today!


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