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Residential Velux Skylight Installation in Atlanta, GA

Residential Skylight Installation for the Home | Atlanta Skylights

Interested in residential skylights for your home? Atlanta Skylights offers skylight installation and repair for your residence. A residential skylight installation will flood your home with natural light and allow you to save money on costly energy bills, while also diminishing glare and enhancing the overall architectural design.

Rooms with Skylights:

  • Kitchen Skylight: Kitchen skylights are the perfect recipe for a beautiful kitchen. The added natural light floods the kitchen and supplies an optimum space for making delicious recipes and memories with your family. Ventilated skylights also aid in ridding of cooking odors and smoke.
  • Bathroom Skylight: Skylights give non-traditional natural light spaces the ability to enjoy natural lighting and enjoy a breath of fresh air throughout its entirety without compromising privacy.
  • Living Room Skylight: Skylights in living rooms aid in the end-of-the-day unwinding process, add a sense of relaxation, and have the ability to make your space appear larger, brighter, and fresher.
  • Bedroom Skylight: Skylights in bedrooms let the natural healing powers of the sun enhance relaxation and create a rejuvenating bedroom setting.
  • Playroom Skylight: Skylights in kids’ playrooms promotes a healthy space by allowing natural light to flourish inside and brighten the room, in effect creating a spacious and optimal playing area for your children.
  • Kids’ Room Skylight: Skylights in kids’ bedrooms significantly increases daylight and help fill the room with natural invigorating air.
  • Hallway or Attic Skylight: Skylights in hallways permit natural lighting to otherwise dark areas. This brightens your home and adds to a pleasing aesthetic.

Benefits of Residential Skylight Installation

A residential skylight installation offers many profound benefits, such as reduced energy bills, federal tax credits, increased home value, admissions of natural light without compromising privacy, promotions of good health, and mood enhancement.

  • Reduced Energy Consumption: Using natural daylight for lighting reduces energy costs, consumption, and the demand for unsustainable power since it does not produce harmful emissions. Skylights can help reduce the use of electricity by as much as 10%.
  • Federal Tax Credits: You may quality for up to a 30% Federal Tax Credit by installing skylights in your residence. When filing your taxes, locate the form under IRS Residential Energy Efficient Property Credit Tax Form 5695.
  • Lower Utility Bills: Skylights can help reduce your energy bill because they emits natural light while reducing the amount of work for your HVAC. They can brighten up dark areas of your home that otherwise would not see daylight, such as in bathrooms, hallways, and kitchens. Also, during the winter, skylights will help reduce your bill because you will use less energy to stay warm.
  • Increased Home Value: Adding skylights to your home increases the value by highlighting your home’s natural architectural details. Natural illumination gives your home a beautiful aesthetic with natural color, which creates a better defined space. Strategically placed skylights throughout your home will beam and flourish natural light through even the darkest spaces in your home. The sunbeams will emphasize even your home’s curved stairway and kindly bring a warm welcome to guests.
  • Natural Light & Privacy: Houses are being built within closer proximities to their neighbors, but increased natural lighting is still a desired home quality. With skylights, homeowners can enjoy the luxury of natural daylight without having to compromise their privacy.
  • Promotes Good Health: Sunlight is a natural disinfectant. Skylights emit natural light which can notably reduce mold and mildew presence within your home. Bacteria and mold buildup is correlated with respiratory problems and diseases. Moist areas, such as bathrooms, will significantly benefit from increased natural lighting and will lead to reduced mold and mildew buildup. Also, natural light flourishing your home will promote good health, act as a natural mood enhancer, and help protect against seasonal mood changes. Plentiful amounts of sunlight can help in the prevention of vitamin D and B12 deficiencies.

Customizable Residential Skylights

Atlanta Skylights offers customizable skylight designs, styles and sizes tailored to fit the needs of your home. Contact us to learn more about our residential skylights today!


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