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Atlanta Skylights – Fogged or Cloudy Skylight Repairs

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With time, skylights become discolored, faded and splotchy. The UV rays from the sun are the main reason that this occurs. The older the skylight, the higher the probability that they skylight will fade or discolor. This is just part of the aging process.

There are cleaners on the market that may improve the clearness of many skylights, however, at times it may be that the laminated glass or acrylic needs replacing. If replacement is required, the cost is generally very reasonable. Newer skylights often have UV protective coatings on them, which prevent this type of damage from occurring.

Foggy Skylight in Your Kitchen?

If you have a skylight in your kitchen, cooking grime can sometimes be the cause of the haziness or fog on your skylight. Warm air carries grease particles up to your skylight and those grease particles gather on the under surface of your kitchen skylight over time. Usually cleaning can cure this type of discoloration, but if you cannot clean it off you can always have a professional come repair your foggy skylight.

What Causes Skylights to Get Cloudy or Fogged?

With age skylights tend to get cloudy or fogged, but this does not necessarily mean that the skylights are leaking. Some reasons that skylights become cloudy or fogged include:

  • Acrylic or plastic skylights tend to fade or become cloudy due to age and the suns UV rays. Like many skylight materials, they slowly loose their clarity and crispness.
  • Dual pane, insulated type of skylights may become foggy or cloudy if the seal between the panes loses it inner seal and condensation gathers between the two panes.

Hazy Skylight Repair Services in Atlanta, Georgia

We provide fogged or clouded skylight repair, glass replacement, and sealing services for the North Atlanta area. If you are interested in having a hazy skylight repaired then you have come to the right place. We can help out with all of your fogged or cloudy skylight repair needs with licensed professionals at a reasonable price. Contact us today about all of your skylight repair needs and we will be happy to assist.


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