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Upgrade Your Home With Velux Skylights

Are you interested in adding skylights to your home, but not sure if it’s worth it? There are many benefits of adding Velux skylights to your home, including increasing property value, adding natural light and privacy, promoting good health, saving money and energy, and much more.

There are two main reasons to add skylights to your home:

  1. You want to increase your home’s property value.
  2. You want to reap the benefits of skylights for you and your family.

Do you think skylights will be the perfect addition to your house? Our team offers skylight installation in Atlanta. Contact the experts online now or call us today at (678) 896-1082.

Top Benefits of Velux Skylights for Homeowners

1. Increase Your Home Value and Add Visual Appeal

Let there be light! Natural illumination is a desired element in interior design. According to a recent Healthline article, natural lighting can enhance your home’s appeal, and bring many health benefits to those living inside. Potential home buyers are seeking natural light without sacrificing their privacy. Skylights are the perfect answer.

There are many ideal places to add skylights to your house. For example, adding a skylight to your bathroom will enhance natural light and ensure total privacy. A skylight in your kitchen allows your space to be flourished with natural light, which results in making your kitchen appear larger than it really is.

2. Makes Your Home “Bigger”

When you add a skylight to your home, your ceiling is no longer solid or flat. Skylights provide natural light to flourish in your home, which will create a more open environment. Dark or dim spaces make the room appear smaller than it is. On the contrary, light in a room makes the area appear bigger. If you add a skylight to a larger room, such as your living room or kitchen, these already large spaces will appear even bigger.

3. Get Natural Light Without Sacrificing Privacy

Many homeowners desire natural light in their homes but do not want to sacrifice their privacy. While homes are being built closer to neighboring homes, natural light and windows are still desired home features. With skylights, families can enjoy the luxury of natural daylight without compromising their privacy.

4. Promotes Good Health

The benefits of skylights go much further than the added element of architectural beauty. Skylights increase natural light, and sunlight delivers an abundance of physical and psychological health benefits. Specifically, natural sunlight can promote faster recovery from illness, reduce stress, and deliver a number of other additional health benefits. Generous amounts of sunlight can also prevent vitamin D and B12 deficiencies.

5. Saves Energy and Money

Adding skylights to your home reduces energy consumption. How? With more natural light flooding in your home, you will be less dependent on artificial lighting. Skylights can help reduce the use of electricity by as much as 10%. In addition, during the colder months, skylights help lower your heating bills.

6. Reduces Mildew or Mold

Natural sunlight is considered a natural disinfectant. In fact, certain parts of the world employ ultraviolet radiation in sunlight to regularly disinfect drinking water. Skylights help provide natural light to flourish throughout your home, which can reduce mildew or mold.

Do All Skylights Leak?

When it comes to thinking about adding skylights, one of the homeowner’s main concerns is that their skylight will leak. It is a common myth that all skylights leak, but that is not true. A properly installed skylight should not leak. If you have a leaky skylight, it may be due to improper installation. Some features may be easily identifiable, while others may not be so obvious. If you suspect your skylight is leaking, it’s best to have a professional thoroughly assess and diagnose a skylight leak.

For more information on leaky skylights or how to fix a leaky skylight, check out our blog Myth Busted: Do All Skylights Leak?.

Where Should I Put My Skylight?

Don’t: Just put your skylight anywhere.

Placing a skylight anywhere on the ceiling could cause a haphazard or irregular look to your existing structures.

Do: Think of your ceiling as a composition.

Skylights are an architectural element, so you want to carefully place your skylight where it will look best. Your skylight will look best when you take into account what is already there. Align your skylight with your existing home features, such as a door or window.

Find a Skylight Installer Near Me

Homeowners, are you considering reaping the benefits of skylights? Our expert skylight installers at Atlanta Skylight can help you choose the ideal setup and layout for your skylight needs. Are you ready to add skylights to your home? Contact the experts online now, or call us today at (678) 896-1082.

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