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Myth Busted: Do All Skylights Leak? Leaky Skylight Repair

Do All Skylights Leak?

Skylights add value to your home, create a bright aesthetic, and allow natural light to flood into your home. But if you suspect you have a leaky skylight, your feelings towards your broken skylight are not quite so bright.

The skylight pros at Atlanta Skylight are here to discuss why your skylight is leaking, how to fix a leaking skylight, and tips for leaking skylights. Follow our expert advice on how to repair a skylight, including how to fix a leaky skylight with condensation issues.

Myth: All skylights leak.

Fact: A properly installed skylight of quality will not leak.

A common misconception is that all skylights leak. While it is true that all home renovations require some sort of maintenance and up-keep overtime, it is a myth that all skylights leak. Properly installed skylights do not leak, and skylight leaking damage is most commonly a result of improper skylight installation. Some features of skylight damage may be obvious and noticeable, while other features may need to be thoroughly assessed and diagnosed by a professional at Atlanta Skylights.

Do I have a Leaky Skylight? Or is Just Condensation?

Sometimes, your skylight may appear to be leaking, but instead, it is actually just condensation. Is your skylight in a humid room, such as in a bathroom or kitchen? A skylight placed in a humid room can drip moisture and visually appear to be leaking, but it is not. The solution to this problem is to reduce the moisture level in the room and lower the humidity. Achieve this by simply turning on your kitchen or bathroom fan, improving your ventilation, or using a dehumidifier. If condensation is not the issue, your skylight may have a leak.

Why is my Skylight Leaking?

Improperly installed skylights can be prone to leaking. As rain water flows down the roof, water collects alongside the top of the skylight. This collection of rainwater can eventually seep into your skylight, causing a leaking skylight. If your skylight is leaking, the issue most likely involves the seal between the flashing and the roof.

To find out all the reasons why skylights leak, check out our blog: How to Know if I Need to Repair or Replace My Skylight?

How to Fix a Leaky Skylight:

  1. First, clean your skylight to remove any debris.
  2. Then, determine if your skylight is actually leaking or if there is just condensation on your skylight.
  3. Next, we want to find the source of the leak. Start by carefully examining the exterior of your skylight. You want to check for gaps in the skylight or flashing.
  4. Now, check that your skylight’s flashing is properly installed.
  5. If you tried steps 1-4 with no luck, and still can’t find the origin of your leaking skylight, lightly run a garden hose along the skylight.
  6. Lastly, if you cannot find any gaps but there is still leakage, there may be an unrelated roof leak above the skylight.

Is your leak coming from the lens, the flashing, or the frame around the skylight? If you suspect your skylight is faulty or leaking, call the pros at Atlanta Skylights to thoroughly assess the origin and damage to ensure your skylight problem is properly fixed. Your skylight may only need a minor repair and not necessarily an entire replacement.

In addition, most skylight leaks are caused by installation defects. Is your skylight leaking? Contact the skylight professionals at Atlanta Skylights for prompt, trusted, and high-quality service. Atlanta Skylights provides professional skylight maintenance services for your leaky skylight. Need skylight maintenance services? Call the skylight pros at Atlanta Skylights today!

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