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How To Clean Skylights For Summertime

A clean, clear skylight is an incredible aesthetic feature of your property but it must be maintained and managed to allow the beautiful sun’s rays to illuminate your home. Skylights, like any window, collect dirt, grime, mold, dust, and debris over time and if you ignore them for too long, can become unsightly and hinder their function. Atlanta Skylights is here to show you how to clean skylights for summertime.

Simple Steps For A Clean Skylight:

Over a year, your skylights can become cloudy and covered in a dirty film. During the fall, leaves, sap, and debris fall on your roof and skylights. In winter, cold rain and snow bring dirt to your skylight’s glass. And in spring, pollen will coat your skylight in a yellow paste that is unattractive and hard to manage. Use these tips to clean your skylights and keep them clear all summer long.

# 1 Start From The Inside

Use a ladder and an extendable pole with a soft cloth to remove any spider webs, dead bugs, dust or grime. If there are harder spots on the glass, simply spray some window cleaner on the cloth and wipe them away.

# 2 Exterior Glass

Once the inside glass and frame are clean, gain access to your skylight’s exterior glass. First, take a dry rag and remove any hard debris. Next, using a mixture of warm water and dish detergent, gently soap down the exterior glass. Let the soapy water penetrate the glass before removing it. Then wash clean with water. Sap can be removed with nail polish remover and a cotton ball. Finally, spray the skylight surface with a glass cleaner and a soft clean rag.

#3 Ongoing Maintenance

Once your skylight is cleaned, keeping a regular checkup schedule will ensure that it stays that way and will help build up more dirt and grime. Using glass cleaner and soapy water once a month will keep your skylight’s frame and glass clear of mold and dirt while maintaining its lifespan in your home.

As with any roof maintenance on your home, skylight cleaning is a dangerous task and should not be performed if you do not have the proper tools or are incapable of working in such heights and circumstances. Hiring a professional to service and clean your skylights is the safest and most trusted way to maintain clean skylights in your home.

Skylight Cleaning & Repair In Atlanta Ga

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