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Velux Commercial Skylights For Your Building

Velux commercial skylights benefit commercial spaces, office buildings, stores, and practices. Both for the value of the property and the people that inhabit it, commercial skylights can help with property value energy reduction, workflow, productivity, and overall aesthetics. Atlanta Skylights has over 25 years of professional commercial skylight installation experience and can help transform your commercial space.

Benefits of adding Velux commercial skylights to your property:

#1 Added Property Value

Commercial skylights add immediate value to any commercial or business space. The open feel and natural light make for significant appraisal benefits. Buyers look for built-in advantages when shopping for commercial space and skylights add such a pleasing greeting to anyone who enters.

#2 Cut Utility Costs

Commercial skylights offer many cost-saving advantages as the natural light from the sun acts as a free energy source for the property. Natural light seeps in through the skylights making it easy to use less artificial light and save on electricity. During the colder months, the same natural light and warmth from the sun will heat up space and help cut back on heating costs.

#3 Heightened Productivity

Your commercial space houses workers and employees and skylights bring many advantages to them as well. Studies show that natural sunlight increases worker’s productivity, helps with enhancing moods, and alertness, and ups morale in any work environment.

#4 Better Health

Research shows that long periods of exposure to artificial light bring added stress and negative effects on workers. Artificial light can lead to a build-up of cortisol which can trigger early aging effects, heavy fatigue, muscle and bone loss, and emotional issues. Alternatively, the sun’s natural rays increase Vitamin D in our cells, help with blood flow, and overall general health.

Commercial Skylights In Atlanta Ga

With over 20 years of experience, Atlanta Skylights has been servicing the entire metro-Atlanta area, specializing in skylight installation, repair, and maintenance. Contact us for all of your skylight needs. If you have any questions or need assistance from a member of our team, simply let us know so we can provide prompt, superior service to you. Your complete satisfaction is paramount to our success. We can be reached via phone or email. If you have questions or would like more information, please leave your name and contact information in the form below. Atlanta Skylights is ready to help you! Call today: 678-896-1082

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