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Benefits Of Commercial Skylights For Your Office

Bolstering your workplace with natural light, a commercial skylight installation allows natural light to flood your office space while providing a list of advantageous benefits, including reducing energy consumption, increasing work productivity, and promoting good health. Whether your professionalism falls in a retail space or a large office building, boosting your workplace’s levels of natural light and adding commercial skylights will render salutary results. Atlanta Skylights can help transform your office with professional skylight installation.

Five reasons why you need office skylights.

#1 Lower utility cost

On average, artificial lighting can account for 40% of the building’s total energy. Adding skylights to your workplace can significantly reduce lighting energy costs from 50% to 80%, dependent upon the commercial skylight. With the energy cost rising, adding skylights to utilize our source of unlimited natural light drastically reduces your energy bill.

#2 Good for the environment

Solar energy is an unlimited resource. Therefore, why not use natural light’s benefits and go green? Commercial skylights decrease the earth’s emissions and the need for electric lighting. Save the planet, one skylight at a time.

#3 Better Workplace, Increased Work Productivity

Adding commercial skylights to your office space can increase work output and productivity. And during winter months, this is key. Natural sunlight helps prevent vitamin D and B12 deficiencies. Therefore, sunlight flooding into your workplace will act as a natural mood enhancer and allow protection from seasonal mood changes.

#4 Improve Work Vibe and Aesthetic

Natural light does it all. Daylight delivers better aesthetics, refined color, improved space definition, and highlights architectural details. This improves the aesthetics of your workplace, which correlates with employee satisfaction and a better overall work “vibe.” Harsh artificial lighting can have various negative health effects, including increased headache days and reduced energy levels. 

#5 Reduce Stress Levels

Not only is solar energy a natural mood enhancer, but natural sunlight is also a stress reducer. Studies show that spending at least ten minutes in natural sunlight has beneficial effects on lowering your blood pressure, decreasing stress levels, and increasing motivation. Installing commercial skylights within your workspace can help promote motivational team involvement and increase worker output.

Interested in commercial skylights for your property?

Atlanta Skylights provides office skylight installation and repair for your business. We have professional office skylight installers who will properly install a skylight in your business or home at an affordable rate. If you want to install office skylights, call (678) 896-1082 or contact us today.

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