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Warm Up Your Home With Velux Skylight Installation

Winter is closing in. And the battle begins with your thermostat to maintain that perfect comfort level inside when the weather outside drops. Heating bills over the winter months can really add up and any help you can get to lower those costs and not over-run your furnace will make your holiday season easier. A Velux skylight installation from Atlanta Skylights can help save on energy costs and bring natural warmth to your home this winter season.

Velux Skylight Installation For A Warm Winter Home

Our homes are insulated to keep in warm air and block the cold air outside. But even on the coldest days, sunlight can provide immense warmth. Skylights positioned on the roof will let the sun’s rays enter the home in various rooms all day long. This “all-natural” heat source will keep the interiors of your home warm and help as a sidekick to your furnace and heating system.

Skylights trap in heat

When skylights allow the sun’s rays to enter your home, the warmth spreads through the interior and will continue to heat your living space long after it enters. During the peak sunlight hours, your skylights could allow enough solar warmth to keep your thermostat from running. This equates to huge savings at the end of each month.

Solar energy helps the environment

Not only will skylights allow for utility cost cuts in your home, but using solar energy for warmth is also very environmentally friendly. The U.S. Department of Energy created a consumer resource website to explain the benefits of solar energy and offer tips for homes during the different seasons.

Save on energy bills

By allowing the sun’s rays to heat up your home, you will save on electric and gas bills throughout the winter months. This also allows for your HVAC system to run without overstraining and lessens the need for service visits and costly repairs.

Professional Skylight Installation In Atlanta, GA

At Atlanta Skylights, we pride ourselves on being project base contractors for all the skylight installation and repair work we do. We even offer a written warranty on all of our work. Why go beyond what most other skylight contractors do? It’s simple; we want you to feel comfortable and have peace of mind with your skylight installation or repair project. Rest assured, your home is in good hands with Atlanta Skylights and call (678) 896-1082 or contact us today for a free estimate!

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