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Types Of Skylights For Your Home

Skylights offer many benefits and amenities to your home and can brighten up your living spaces while adding a sense of greater space to your rooms. But there are many types of skylights to choose from and how are you to know which is right for your project? Atlanta Skylights is here to help. We have the experience and know-how to install and outfit any space with the skylight of your choosing.

3 main types of skylights for your home

#1 The Fixed SkylightFixed Skylight | Atlanta Skylight

Fixed skylights offer a large space for light to enter and perfect for any room or a large area that you want to have additional natural light in. Fixed skylights are best for out of reach areas and provide zero ventilation. They come with either flat glass or a domed panel made of heavy-duty durable plastic.

#2 The Ventilated SkylightVentilated Skylight | Atlanta Skylight

Often referred to as the roof window, ventilated skylights not only pass beautiful natural light into your living spaces but also allow for air to flow in and out through a ventilation system installed with the unit. These systems can either be manual for easy to reach skylights or automatic for those high up and out of reach. 

#3 The Domed SkylightDomes Skylight | Atlanta Skylight

Domes skylights are perfect for small spaces asl they trap reflections of light in their circular dome shape and help disperse light without having to take up a lot of roof space. The domed skylight is great for bathrooms, attics, closets, and other small areas. They are also easier to install as they can fit between wiring and structures of your roof and attic without major construction changes. 

No matter which type of skylight you need for your skylight installation, hiring a trusted skylight professional is paramount in the success and cost of your project. Skylights need proper attention to detail and a trained hand to function properly and resist water and other weather elements from entering your home. 

Professional Skylight Installation In Atlanta, Ga

At Atlanta Skylights, we pride ourselves on being project base contractors for all the skylight installation and repair work we do. We even offer a written warranty on all of our work. Why go beyond what most other skylight contractors do? It’s simple; we want you to feel comfortable and have peace of mind with your skylight installation or repair project. Rest assured, your home is in good hands with Atlanta Skylights and call (678) 896-1082 or contact us today for a free estimate!

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