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5 Reasons You Need A Skylight in Your Home

Let there be light! Skylights have been around for ages, with their prevalence first showcased throughout Roman Empire architecture. And still today, a skylight’s disposition embodies and reflects the same qualities: illumination, ventilation, and architectural beauty.

Check out our top five reasons why you NEED skylights in your home.

1. Go Green

Solar energy is an unlimited resource. Skylights cut down on the earth’s emissions and the need for electric lighting. Using natural daylight for lighting reduces energy costs, consumption, and the demand for unsustainable power since it does not produce harmful emissions.

2. Save Money

Skylights can help reduce your energy bill because they emits natural light while reducing the amount of work for your HVAC. They can brighten up dark areas of your home that otherwise would not see daylight, such as in bathrooms and hallways. Also, during the winter, skylights will help reduce your bill because you will use less energy to stay warm.

3. Adds Home Value

Adding skylights to your home increases the value by highlighting your home’s natural architectural details. Natural illumination gives your home a beautiful aesthetic with natural color, which creates a better defined space. Strategically placed skylights throughout your home will beam and flourish natural light through even the darkest spaces in your home. The sunbeams will emphasize even your home’s curved stairway and kindly bring a warm welcome to guests.

4. Natural Light & Privacy

Houses are being built within closer proximities to their neighbors, but increased natural lighting is still a desired home quality. With skylights, homeowners can enjoy the luxury of natural daylight without having to compromise their privacy.

5. Promotes Good Health

Ample amounts of sunlight help prevent vitamin D and B12 deficiencies. Sunlight can also be a natural disinfectant and can reduce mildew or mold in your home. Overall, natural light flourishing your home will promote good health and be a natural mood enhancer.

Here at Atlanta Skylights, we have experienced professionals that can properly install a skylight in your home or business at an affordable rate. If you are interested in installing a skylight in your home or business, call us at (678) 896-1082 or contact us today.

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