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Looking To Replace A Skylight In Your Home?

Skylights in your home offer many amenities and benefits. They allow for natural sunlight, warmth, and energy savings while expanding the look and feel of any room. But over time, skylights become suspectable to the elements outside and without proper maintenance and care, your skylight could become leaky or faulty. Is it time to replace a skylight in your home? Atlanta Skylights is here to help. With over 20 years of professional skylight repair and replacement experience, we can get your new skylight ordered, installed, and maintained so you can keep enjoying your home.

When is it time to replace a skylight?

First, let’s check out what causes a skylight to leak.

  • Condensation vs. Leak: Water can seep inside the window, causing it to drip. If this is the case, condensation is the issue rather than a leak. This usually occurs in areas that present high moisture levels, including bathrooms or kitchens. To prevent this and reduce condensation, simply turn on your bathroom or kitchen fan.
  • Open Window: Double check to make sure the window is closed.
  • Worn Weather Strip or Seal: Skylights are prone to leaking if the weatherstrip or seal is worn.
  • Roof Pulling or Damage: Skylights may leak if the water is being retained on the roof. This is an effect of improper installation. Water may seep under the shingles because there is a physical barrier preventing runoff. Weather, such as snow and ice, may also cause this. Roof damage, such as a broken or missing shingle, will also cause water to penetrate the roof and damage your skylight.

Our list of skylight repair and replacement steps feature signs to check for possible skylight damage yourself. Follow this guide and your skylight will be ready to shine its benefits and flourish your home with natural light in no time.

Step 1: How Can I Tell If My Skylight is Broken?

What to look for around your skylight that suggests a repair is necessary:

  • Excess condensation on your skylight
  • Damp ceiling
  • Water stains
  • Discoloration on drywall near the ceiling
  • Visible cracks on the glass
  • Drafts felt through the house

Step 2: Contact Atlanta Skylights

Skylight repairs and replacement are not only tedious and meticulous work, but they can also be very dangerous if performed by an untrained individual. Roof work of any kind should be taken very seriously and the trained experts at Atlanta Skylights have the experience and knowhow to successfully and safely repair or replace your existing skylight.

Skylight Repair & Replacement In Atlanta, Ga

Atlanta Skylights is comprised of a team of trained and licensed skylight installers. With more than 20 years of experience, we sell, repair, and install skylights. We know how skylights can help you with insulation and home energy savings. We work as a trusted business advisor to provide you with the right skylight products in order to provide you with the perfect daylight solution. Contact us online or call (678) 896-1082 for a free quote today!

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