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Why You Need Commercial Skylights For Your Building

Commercial skylights offer so much hidden value and advantages to any office, store, building, or commercial space. Skylights open the barrier between your roof and the sun to bring in beautiful natural light, warmth, and visibility for all who work inside. If you are looking for a positive change for your commercial building, Atlanta Skylight is here to help with professional installation, planning, and maintenance.

Here are the major advantages to commercial skylights

#1 Save on utility bills

Bringing in skylights to your office or commercial space helps cut back on how much electricity and gas you will use to light and heat your property. The addition of skylights can reduce your bills by 50-80% and will make room for extra dollars to be spent on growing your business in more creative ways.

#2 Environmentally Friendly

Skylights bring in natural light from the sun. Solar light is one of our planet’s most incredible resources and it is unlimited. Bringing in skylights to your commercial space will fill your interiors with warmth and light, cutting back on harmful emissions from the electricity and gas you would otherwise need to use. This not only helps with keeping our environment clean but also saves money in your pocket as well.

#3 Creates a pleasant workspace

Natural light from skylights increases workflow and productivity. It also offers Vitamin D and B12 to the people working inside which boosts energy, helps with circulation, and overall moods. During cold winter months, this additional light can help keep downtrodden employees upbeat and productive.

#4 Helps Reduce Employee Stress

Skylights distribution of natural light can bring stressful work levels down and keep strain and tension on employees low. Studies have shown that just ten minutes in natural sunlight helps with keeping blood pressure down, decreasing stress, and increasing worker’s motivation.

#5 Aesthetic Appeal

Your commercial office space is home to meetings, clients, and new customers every day. Bringing in the addition of skylights will enhance its appearance by adding beautiful, natural illumination and the optics of more space and wide-open areas. Skylights bring the outside world in, making your office seem bigger and more comfortable to be in. The natural light brought in by skylights also is a big factor for buyers in the market for owning or renting commercial spaces. Adding skylights heightens your property’s value and appearance.

Commercial Skylight Installation In Atlanta, GA

With over 20 years of experience, we have been servicing the entire metro-Atlanta area, specializing in skylight installation, repair, and maintenance. Interested in commercial skylights for your property? Atlanta Skylights offers skylight installation and repair for your commercial property. A commercial skylight installation will flood your building with natural light and allow you to save money on costly energy bills, while also diminishing glare and enhancing the overall architectural design of your business. Contact us online or call us today at 678-896-1082 to get started.

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