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How to Fix a Leaking Skylight

Do you have a skylight that is leaking in your home or office? A leaking skylight is a sign of hidden damage. If you notice a leak around your skylight, it’s important to properly diagnose the leak and have a skylight repair performed as soon as possible.

Is your skylight leaking when it rains?

If you notice your skylight leaks when it rains, your skylight may be improperly installed. When it rains, water collects on top of the skylight. If your skylight is damaged or has a faulty seal between the roof flashing and the roof, it may leak when it rains.

Where is the Skylight Leaking?

It is best to properly identify the leaking skylight to determine what exactly needs to be fixed. In addition, the repair depends on the location of the leak.

1. If the gap is between the roof flashing and roof:

Use roofing cement to seal the gap in the flashing

2. If the leak is around the skylight lens:

Use silicone caulking to seal it

3. Or, you may need to replace or repair the metal flashing around the skylight frame

Follow our expert tips for help on how to identify a leak in your skylight and get answers to how to fix a leaking skylight. If you are in the North metro-Atlanta area, call Atlanta Skylights to fix your leaking skylight at (678) 896-1082, or contact us online here.

How to Fix a Leaking Skylight:

Leaking Skylight Repair | Atlanta Skylights

1. Clean your skylights to remove any dirt and debris.

To do this, lift up the roof shingles to brush out any build-up of debris.

2. Is your skylight leaking or is it just condensation?

Skylight Condensation | Atlanta Skylights

Determine if your skylight has condensation or it is leaking. Is your skylight located in a room that’s prone to condensation, such as in a bathroom, kitchen, or greenhouse? A humid room can cause moisture to drip onto your skylight. Condensation can be easily confused for a leak. In addition, condensation is a sign of improper ventilation. If you are unsure if you have a leaking skylight or condensation, read our blog here.

3. Now, you want to find the source of the skylight leak.

Carefully examine the skylight’s exterior. Check for gaps and holes in the skylight or flashing.

4. Check that your skylight’s flashing is installed properly.

If you tried steps 1-4 with no luck and are still unsure where your skylight is leaking, lightly run a garden hose along the skylight.

If you still cannot find any gaps or holes but it’s still leaking, there may be an unrelated roof leak by the skylight. It’s best to call a skylight contractor to properly identity the leak and fix it.

5. If you found a gap or hole in your skylight, do this:

Use a silicone caulking gun to fill gaps between the roof flashing. Check the area between the skylight glass and the frame. If you see any leaking signs, seal the gap with the silicone caulk.

Leaking Skylight Repair

Follow these tips for how to fix a leaking skylight. If you suspect you have a leaking skylight and you are unsure what the next steps are, it’s important to call a skylight contractor to assess the issue. Call the professionals at Atlanta Skylights for quality service.

Atlanta Skylights is located in Acworth, GA and services the entire metro Atlanta area including Kennesaw, Woodstock, Marietta, Dallas, and Hiram, GA. Call us today at (678) 896-1082, or contact us online!

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