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Do I Have A Leaking Skylight or Condensation?

Do you suspect that you have a leaking skylight? You’ve come to the right place. Here you will find expert advice on how to deal with a skylight leaking, including pro tips for how to fix skylight condensation and leaking skylights.

A leaking skylight can be an indication of underlying damage or improper skylight installation. If you suspect you might have a skylight leak, it’s important to diagnose it and get proper skylight repair as soon as possible.

Your Skylight Leak Could be Skylight Condensation

Before you label your skylight problem as a leak, it’s important to make sure the alleged leak is not actually skylight condensation. Oftentimes, a leaking skylight can look similar to condensation.

Is your skylight located in a room that’s prone to condensation, such as in a bathroom, kitchen, or greenhouse? A humid room can cause moisture to drip onto your skylight. It may look that there is visual leaking skylight damage, but it could just be condensation.

Condensation is a sign of improper ventilation or insulation.

Skylight Condensation Rain | Atlanta Skylights

The Cause of Skylight Condensation

Skylight condensation is caused by excessive moisture in the air. When warm, moist air comes into contact with a colder surface, condensation can form.

How to Fix Skylight Condensation

Reduce the moisture level and lower the humidity. How? Simply use the bathroom or kitchen fan, improve your ventilation, and even try using a dehumidifier.

However, if condensation is not the issue, your skylight may have a leak.

Skylight In Bathroom | Atlanta Skylights

Why is My Skylight Leaking?

Most of the time, a skylight leaking is indication of damage or improper skylight installation. Skylights often leak due to underlying damage, including damaged/corroded roof flashing or improperly installed skylights.

“It’s raining and small drops of water are dripping from my skylight. Do I have a leaking skylight?”

If your skylight is properly installed, it should not leak when it rains.

If your skylight is leaking when it rains, you may have an improperly installed skylight. When it rains, water can collect along the top of the skylight. However, if your skylight does leak when it rains, this may indicate a damaged or faulty seal between the roof flashing and the roof. It is best to hire a skylight contractor to properly identify your leak and fix your leaking skylight.

How to Fix a Leaking Skylight

  1. Clean your skylight to remove debris.
  2. Determine if it’s condensation or a leaking skylight.
  3. Examine the skylight exterior, and check for gaps in the skylight or roof flashing.
  4. Check that your skylight is properly installed.
  5. Lightly run a garden hose along the skylight.
  6. If you cannot find gaps but it is still leaking, there may be an unrelated roof leak above the skylight.

Atlanta Skylight Example | Atlanta Skylights

If you suspect you have a leaking skylight, it’s important to call a skylight contractor to assess the issue. Call the skylight pros at Atlanta Skylights for prompt, trusted, and high-quality service today.

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