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How to Know if I Need to Repair or Replace My Skylight?

Skylights create a beautiful aesthetic by scattering and flooding natural light into your home. Creating brightness, spaciousness, and architectural design, skylights allow homeowners to capture a perfect view of the nighttime starry sky or the cirrus daytime clouds right from their kitchen, bathroom, or virtually any room.

Unfortunately if your skylight starts to leak, your mood and rooms aren’t so bright anymore (no pun intended). Upon first glance, a skylight that is damaged or disturbed may seem to only present cosmetic damage. However, a broken skylight could potentially invite health hazards to your home and your family. Damaged skylights can create excessive moisture buildup surrounding your skylight and roof, which hazardously leads to bacteria, mold and mildew exposure.

Skylight damage is commonly a result of improper skylight installation. Some features of skylight damage may be obvious and noticeable, while other features may need to be thoroughly assessed and diagnosed by a professional at Atlanta Skylights.

First, let’s check out what causes a skylight to leak.

  • Condensation vs. Leak: Water can seep inside the window, causing it to drip. If this is the case, condensation is the issue rather than a leak. This usually occurs in areas that present high moisture levels, including bathrooms or kitchens. To prevent this and reduce condensation, simply turn on your bathroom or kitchen fan.
  • Open Window: Double check to make sure the window is closed.
  • Worn Weather Strip or Seal: Skylights are prone to leaking if the weather strip or seal is worn.
  • Roof Pulling or Damage: Skylights may leak if water is being retained on the roof. This is an effect of improper installation. Water may seep under the shingles because there is a physical barrier preventing runoff. Weather, such as snow and ice, may also cause this. Roof damage, such as a broken or missing shingle, will also cause water to penetrate the roof and damage your skylight.

Our list of skylight repair and replacement steps feature signs to check for possible skylight damage yourself. Follow this guide and your skylight will be ready to shine its benefits and flourish your home with natural light in no time.

Step 1: How Can I Tell If My Skylight is Broken?

What to look for around your skylight that suggests a repair is necessary:

  • Excess condensation on your skylight
  • Damp ceiling
  • Water stains
  • Discoloration on drywall near ceiling
  • Visible cracks on the glass
  • Drafts felt through the house

Step 2: Call a pro.

Your skylight may just need a minor repair and not a replacement. If your structure has caused leak damage, then interior drywall damage may also be present. It’s time to call the pros! Cracks can also be fixed with repairs.

Call a pro at Atlanta Skylights to thoroughly assess the origin, extent and damage to ensure the correct process and materials are used throughout the repair phase. Hiring a professional to repair or replace a skylight can help cover all the necessary tasks to ensure a long-term and durable solution to your skylight damage. Call us today at (678) 896-1082 or contact us for more information.

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