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Choosing The Right Skylight Contractor For Your Home

Home improvement and home repair are two of the most daunting and costly tasks that one faces when owning property. Choosing the right contractor for any repair or addition to your house is the very first step in accomplishing your home improvement goals. Hiring a skylight contractor is no different and in fact, in work done to or around your roof should only be handled by the most experienced and professional contractors.

Look for these attributes in your skylight contractor:

#1 Project Based

A project-based contractor is a contractor that specializes and works solely in a particular field. For instance, you would never hire someone who works in electricity to install a pool for your home. The same goes for your roof. A plumbing contractor that claims they can efficiently and effectively install your skylights is not a good idea. So make sure your contractor is project-based in roofing and skylights before moving further with them.

#2 Experience

Experienced Skylight Contractor | Atlanta Skylights

Experience in any field is a must and putting the future of your roof and skylights in the hands of a freshly trained, inexperienced contractor can very well lead to multiple issues from leaks, mold, flashing damage, and end up costing you a lot more than the initial skylight was to begin with. Make sure your contractor has years of experience and hands-on capabilities when installing or repairing skylights.

#3 Authorized & Certified

Authorized Skylight Contractor | Atlanta Skylights

One of the most trusted monikers to any contractor is authorized and certified. Manufacturers like to have their products installed and repaired by authorized contractors to keep their a good name and reputation in full standing. Look for these badges on your contractor’s website and materials. Most authorized and certified contractors are proud to display this rank and will inform you of it when being interviewed.

Professional Skylight Contractor In Atlanta, GA

Atlanta Skylights has over 20yrs of experience in commercial and residential skylight installation and repairs. We are an authorized dealer of Velux Skylights and a certified member of the US Green Building Council Georgia Chapter. Contact us for all of your skylight needs. If you have any questions or need assistance from a member of our team, simply let us know so we can provide prompt, superior service to you. Your complete satisfaction is paramount to our success. Contact us online or call us today!

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